• Bring a variety of outfits – cap and gown if you’d like, I know you have a distinct look in mind, just remember that a cross section  ie: something casual, as well as stylish/formal is optimal. This way, you will have photos that reflect who you are in your everyday life through to your ‘styled’ look.

  • Iron anything that needs it.  Wrinkles show up in photos.

  • Bring props that reflect your high school years – band instrument, sports gear like a volleyball, baseball bat, paddle. I know you are into dance so maybe there is something from this you can bring.  Favorite jacket, shoes/boots, sunglasses -LOVED the ones you wore yesterday!... Most of importantly (and I know you’ve got this), rep your style, whatever that may be. Your senior photo should be unique to your life and personality.

  • Think about how you want your facial hair to look or no facial hair...

  • Clean, clipped finger nails.