Branding/Couples shoot

I wanted to talk about this one I did last year because it discusses how flexible a shoot can be.

Initially, Carrie reached out for a branding shoot for herself. During our conversation however, it became evident that her partner could use some photos as he was involved in a big fundraising campaign. It made sense to invite him. We discussed her vision and shared ideas for her overall look. Once I had all the details, I worked hard to create the look and feel that matched her brand. Part of which involved a customized backdrop. The shoot went off without a hitch. We got branding shots for Carrie plus social media shots for her partner. The last set we went for were some ‘couples’ portraits of the two of them snuggling together.

When it came time to reveal Carrie’s photos, she was blown away. She ended up selecting from a diverse range of photos that ticked a lot of boxes. It leaves me so happy when my client has a difficult time choosing!

if you are considering a shoot it’s worth giving it your full attention. It can be a lot of fun and encompass soooo much! It just takes a little planning and of course, a flexible photographer that asks the right questions and is there to guide you throughout the process.