Branding Glam 40+ Photo Session a Huge Success

I thought I'd share about a branding/glam photo shoot I had a couple of weeks back.

A friend of mine, Jonell Alvi who is ramping up her website business: Quarkspring was talking to me about updating her head shot. I asked if she'd be interested in combining both a branding and Glam shoot. I explained how once she is prepped and ready to start shooting it makes a lot of sense to have a variety of outfits... so why not toss in a couple of over the top dressy ones? (I am seeing more and more that when I present the shots, my clients are blown away by the impact of different outfits and backgrounds. They are so happy to have a branding look that is expansive and shows them in a range of scenarios from casual to business to outright glamorous!)  

Long story short, she agreed. And as I titled this blog... it was a huge success. This shoot went deep for her....I produced photos of her that truly shifted how she saw herself. It raised her level of confidence.....I featured the glam shot in my before and after page on my website along with a brief description of how it effected her, check it out: here.

Now, not only does she have a library of professional branding images to draw from. I believe she also took away a bit more confidence that will serve her both in business as well as in her daily life! Isn't she gorgeous?!